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Refresh Celluvisc Eye Drops (30 ct.)
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Refresh Celluvisc Eye Drops (30 ct.)

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4 Star Rated!
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Refresh Celluvisc Eye Drops (30 ct.)

Refresh Celluvisc Lubricant Eye Gel is a preservative-free over-the-counter artificial tear that provides long-lasting relief plus protection day or night in a soothing gel formula. It comes in convenient single-use vials.
  • Preservative free
  • Extra thick gel drops

Size: 30 containers .01 fl. oz. (0.4 mL) each

Ingredients: Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium (1.0%)(Eye lubricant) 

    Customer Ratings for Refresh Celluvisc Eye Drops (30 ct.)

    5 Star Rated!
    Date:  4/4/2012
    Reviewer:  Shay
    Dont listen to that idiot on about it poking you in the eye. If you have an IQ higher than 60 you should be able to figure out how to use them properly without hurting yourself. Relaxes and soothes your eyes. Really good eye drops.
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    5 Star Rated!
    Date:  8/15/2013
    Reviewer:  Jeannine Harkins
    I have used this product for about twenty years and it cannot be beat. All of my eye ducts are labored close and I have tried many kinds. I have had dry eyes since I was in my thirties and this is the best drops I have found. I am 76 now and consider myself an expert on eye drops. Just wish they were cheaper. I use a box a week. They used to sell for $9.99 and were in larger green vial. Now come in smaller clear vial and cost about $15.00.
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    1 Star Rated!
    Date:  8/16/2009
    Reviewer:  anonymous
    I like regular refresh gel eye drops and love the idea of a single-use pack that eliminates the need for preservatives. Unfortunately, that idea is poorly executed in this product. People familiar with gel eye drops will know that they can be a little harder to get out of the bottle than regular ones, and that is certainly the case with these single-use containers. The containers are smaller than regular single-use containers, and they are under-filled. When you squeeze them hard enough to get the gel out they often have the unpleasant effect (one I have never experienced with regular single-use eye drops) of poking you in the eye. I did exactly that the first time I used these, as did my boyfriend. The gel feels great in my eye when it's there. If you are interested in this product BECAUSE you want a poke in the eye, you'll appreciate the sharp piece of plastic left at the end of the dropper when you tear off the cap.
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    5 Star Rated!
    Date:  11/29/2011
    Reviewer:  Correne
    I have cancer & underwent chemotherapy over the past two years. One of the (MANY!)side effects has been dry eyes - VERY dry eyes. I had tear duct plugs put in, but that provided small relief. I've used various eye drops, including night-time drops. But as soon as I open my eyes in the morning, the cycle starts all over again. Finally, after seeing several different Opthamologists, it was recommended that I use Celluvisc first thing in the morning. Wow! I am finally getting relief!
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