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Soft vs. Hard Contact Lenses

Soft and Hard Contact Lenses

Soft or disposable contacts come in daily, weekly, and monthly options. Hard or rigid gas permeable (RGP) contacts are custom made to each wearer. In this comparison, you can see the main differences between soft and hard contact lenses.


Soft contacts are the popular choice amongst contact lens wearers because they are instantly comfortable. The rigid material and smaller diameter of hard contacts results in initial discomfort. Hard contacts take a longer time to get used to and your eyes will need to readapt to them if they’re not worn consistently.

Visual Clarity

Because of their rigid material, hard contacts will not distort their shape when you blink forcing your eyes to refocus like soft contacts do. They offer crisp, clear vision with a lens that won’t budge


Hard contacts are less prone to ripping or tearing compared to soft contacts. They are easier to handle and will last longer.


Because so many manufacturers make soft contacts, there is plenty to choose from on the market. There are daily lenses, colored lenses, and even light adaptable lenses. Hard contacts are custom made-to-order so there is zero variety.

When deciding between hard and soft contacts, it’s important to decide which features you value the most. Comfort and variety seems to come first with most people as over 90% of contact lens wearers wear soft contacts. However, if you value visual clarity and durability, hard contacts are the better option.

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