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New Alexa Skill

Amazon Echo

Reorder contact lenses from with Alexa, and get 20% off every voice order plus free shipping over $99.

Alexa, reorder contacts with Discount Contacts
Ask Amazon Alexa's Reorder Skill

Using our Reorder Skill for Amazon Alexa, you can reorder your contacts in just three steps.
  1. Enable the Reorder Skill for Alexa through the Alexa Skills Store in your web browser or in the Amazon Alexa App.
  2. To reorder your last purchase say, “Alexa, reorder contacts with Discount Contacts.” Alexa will give you the option to create a four-digit pin for more secure ordering.
  3. Alexa will read back your last order; if it’s correct, tell Alexa “yes” to place your order.
Once our Customer Service Team verifies your prescription, the charge will be placed on the credit card has on file. Any required updates will be communicated to you by phone or email.

Your first order must be placed on our website or with our Customer Service Team. Thereafter, you can reorder using Alexa. Only the most recent order on your account can be reordered using Alexa.

To cancel your order, contact our Customer Service Team for assistance.

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