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Why Buy Contacts Online?

After receiving your contact lens prescription from the optometrist, you have the option to buy contacts from the retailer of your choice. Since they’re considered medical devices, some people may be hesitant to order contacts online. As long as you are ordering from an authorized retailer, there are many reasons why it’s beneficial to buy contacts online versus from your eye doctor.

ordering contacts online


One of the main advantages of buying contacts online is price. You have the flexibility to browse various websites to compare prices and take advantage of any price match policy available. Some websites offer even more discounts for contact lens subscriptions or reorders through an app.


Ordering contacts online can be done on-the-go or lounging at home, and they'll be shipped right to your door. As long as you have a valid contact lens prescription, there’s no need to make another trip to the eye doctor’s office. If that’s not convenient enough, some sites also offer additional features such as a mobile app, online vision test, and more to make ordering and reordering even easier.


Authorized online retailers buy directly from the manufacturer. Their contacts are the same lenses that you would be buying from the optical store, so there’s no need to worry whether they’re authentic.


The customer service teams of online retailers are there to help you with any of your contact lens needs. Unlike an optical store or eye doctor’s office, they are available more hours in a day and seven days a week. They are also a good resource for non-urgent questions and concerns.