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Top FAQs
  • Do I need a prescription to order contacts online?
    Yes, every contact lens requires a prescription from an eye doctor. Learn how to read your contact lens prescription in our Contact Lens Guide.
  • Is it safe to buy contact lenses online?
    Yes, all of our contact lenses come directly from the manufacturer and are 100 percent authentic.
  • How long is my contact lens prescription valid?
    Contact lens prescriptions are typically valid for 1-2 years depending on the state. Simply search for your state’s contact lens prescription expiration online to find out.
  • Can I leave my contacts in overnight?
    It’s not safe to sleep in contacts, except for extended wear contacts that allow for continuous wear up to 30 days.
  • Can I swim with contact lenses?
    It’s best not to because there are bacteria in the water that can adhere to your lenses and cause infections. If you do swim in your contacts, wear goggles and disinfect them immediately afterwards. Learn more about why contacts and water don’t mix in our Contact Lens Guide.

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