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How to Renew a Contact Lens Prescription Online

An appointment with the eye doctor can be time-consuming. If you aren’t due for an eye exam and need to renew a contact lens prescription, take our free Online Vision Test to renew your prescription online.

Renew Prescription Online

Why Take The Online Vision Test?

No Cost
The Online Vision Test is completely free with no hidden fees.
No Commitment
Take the test on your own time—no appointment necessary.
Stay Home
You can take the Online Vision Test in the comfort of your own home as long as you have access to a computer and smartphone.
Fast Process
The test only takes about 15 minutes to complete.
Easy Instructions
Each step is easy to follow and visual tutorials help along the way.
No Wait
Receive a copy of your prescription within 24 hours—no waiting rooms or waiting weeks for an appointment.

5 Steps to Renew Your Contact Lens Prescription

  1. Click the “Get Your Rx” Button
    Visit the Online Vision Test page and click on the “Get Your RX” button. Then log in or sign up for an account if you haven’t done so already.
  2. Enter State and Birthday
    If your state and birthday are eligible for this test, the next questions will appear. If not, you will be sent to search for a doctor in your state. The test is unavailable for certain areas and ages.
  3. Answer Questions
    Provide answers to some simple questions including current prescription and lenses. These ensure you meet the qualifications to renew your prescription online. Otherwise, you will need to see a doctor.
  4. Take the Test Online Vision Test If you qualify, you can take the test with the help of video tutorials. You need a smartphone, a computer, and 10 feet of space.
  5. Check Email
    After the test, a doctor will review your answers within 24 hours and a PDF of your valid prescription will be sent via email. If you place an order before taking the test, the order will be processed faster. However, an order is not required to take the test.

Restrictions apply. Be aware that our Online Vision Test is not equivalent to a comprehensive eye exam as you still need to see your eye doctor annually.

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