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How Temperature Affects Contacts

Just like how weather can affect your health, it can also mess with your contacts. Varying weather conditions is often a determining factor in whether you put in contacts or throw on those glasses for the day.

Contact Lenses Varying Weather Conditions

Contact Lens Day or Glasses Day?

Contact Lens

  • Precipitation: Whether it’s rain, snow, or something more extreme, precipitation and glasses are not a good mix. Avoid the constant lens smearing by choosing contact lenses on a stormy day.
  • Extreme Temperature: When it’s extremely hot or cold outside, going from outdoors to indoors and vice versa is a perfect recipe for foggy glasses. Contact lenses are preferred for all-day, continuous clear vision.


  • High Allergen Count: Bad allergy days often lead to stuffed sinuses and puffy and swollen eyes. Constantly rubbing your eyes while wearing contacts will only cause further irritation. Throw on those glasses and use allergy eye drops as necessary.

Have you ever left your contacts in a hot car or had a package of contacts at your doorstep in the cold for too long? No need to worry, we have all the answers to your “contacts in extreme weather” questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it bad to leave delivered contacts outside in the hot or cold?

A: No, contact lenses can be left outside in diverse climates without any damage as long as the packaging is unopened.

Q: Can I leave my contacts in my car in the hot or cold?

A: If your contacts are in the original packaging, they should be fine being left in your car in varying temperatures.

Q: What do I do if my contacts freeze?

A: Contacts can freeze while in solution at about 5°F(-15°C). However, the solution will protect them from any damage as long as the packaging isn’t opened. After letting them sit out at room temperature for a few hours, they will be back to normal.

Q: Can I wear contacts in extreme cold?

A: Yes, cold temperatures will not affect your contacts while wearing them. Your body heat will keep them warm.

Q: Can I wear contacts in extreme heat?

A: Yes, hot temperatures will not affect your contacts while wearing them. Some exceptions would be where there is a lot of heat and moisture such as saunas and spas. The steam could cause you to get sweat in between your contact and your eye causing infection.

Q: Will my contacts melt in my eyes?

A: No, contact lenses will not melt while in your eyes even in extremely hot temperatures. Contact lenses are sterilized in many clinics by being placed in boiling water, so they are proven to withstand the heat.

Q: Will my contacts freeze in my eyes?

A: No, contact lenses will not freeze while in your eyes even in extremely cold temperatures. Since your contacts are like a second layer to your eye, your body heat will be enough to keep them warm.

Q: Can my eyes get sunburnt?

A: Yes, the top layers of your cornea can get damaged from the sun just like your skin can. Some contact lens brands have FDA Class 1 or Class 2 UV-blocking abilities, but you will also want to wear 100% UVA/UVB protected sunglasses for complete protection.