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Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Daily disposable contacts are soft, single-use lenses that are worn, removed, and discarded daily. You replace them with a new, fresh pair of lenses each day.

Daily Disposable Lenses

What's the Difference Between Disposable and Daily Disposable Contacts?

The main difference between disposable contacts and daily disposable contacts is their replacement schedule. Daily disposable contacts are meant to be replaced every day while non-daily disposable contacts have replacement schedules of one week, two weeks, and even one month. Some daily disposable contacts are made from slightly thinner material since they’re not meant to be reused.

Who Can Wear Daily Disposable Contacts?

When daily disposable contacts were first introduced, they were only available in a spherical lens, meaning there is one power throughout the entire lens. People with presbyopia and astigmatism were unable to wear daily disposables. That is no longer the case. Daily disposable contacts now come in multifocal, toric, and even colored lens types. Unless you have a very particular prescription that requires custom lenses, daily disposables are going to be an option.

Pros and Cons of Daily Disposable Contacts


  • Better Overall Eye Health: Replacing lenses frequently means there’s less protein and bacteria build-up. That results in a lowered risk for eye infections.
  • All-Day Comfort: Daily disposable contacts’ thinner lens material allows for more airflow to the eye.
  • No Cleaning Necessary: Using a new pair every day means no need to clean and store them each night.


  • Costly: The biggest negative to daily disposables is the cost. On average, wearing daily disposables will cost you 3x as much as wearing weekly disposable lenses.
  • Wasteful: Although the cardboard boxes that contacts come in can be recycled locally, contacts and their blister packs cannot. These can be sent to Terracycle to reduce waste.

Caring for Daily Disposable Contacts

As daily disposables are single-use contacts, they require little maintenance. However, you should still rinse the lenses with a multi-purpose contact lens solution after you take them out of the sterile packaging before inserting. If you temporarily take them out and need to put them back in later that same day, simply clean them with the multi-purpose solution and store them in a case until you need them again. Always wash your hands before and after handling your contacts.