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Top 10 Things to Know for New Contact Lens Wearers

If you’re new to contact lenses, the process can seem daunting. There are specific steps, products, and precautions to know for first time contact lens wearers. Not to worry, we have broken everything down.

New Contact Lens Wearer
  1. Schedule Regular Appointments with an Eye Doctor
    Getting an annual eye exam is important for maintaining eye health and receiving updated prescriptions. If you want to try contact lenses, mention it when you schedule an appointment, and the eye doctor will perform a contact lens fitting after the initial exam. Both portions are necessary if you want to wear contact lenses.
  2. Learn How to Insert Contacts Insert Contacts
    There are steps to follow when putting in contacts. For new contact lens wearers, this can be a difficult adjustment period. If you’re having trouble, an inserter tool can be helpful instead of just fingertips.

  3. Keep Contacts Clean
    Always wash your hands with soap and water before handling contacts. Clean and rinse each contact lens individually with the correct solution before putting them into your eyes.
  4. Keep Accessories Clean
    Just like contact lenses, contact lens cases need to be disinfected. Use a multipurpose solution to rinse the case. Let it air dry by laying it upside down on a tissue. Replace the case at least once every three months to prevent bacteria buildup.

  5. Store Lenses in Solution Overnight Storing Contacts
    If you don’t wear daily disposable contacts, they need to be stored overnight There are a wide variety of contact solutions and cleaners on the market so be sure to use the correct one to store contact lenses. Replace the solution in the case every day.
  6. Follow Lens Replacement Schedule
    An eye doctor will assign a replacement schedule with your prescription for daily, weekly, or monthly wear contact lenses. It is important to follow the correct wearing pattern—don’t wear contacts for longer than instructed.
  7. Follow Doctor’s Recommendations
    Use the contacts and solutions that the eye doctor suggests. Different brands of contacts are beneficial for different things. Your doctor knows what will work best for you so consult with them before switching up any products.
  8. Don't Sleep in ContactsDon't Sleep in Contacts
    Unless you have extended wear contact lenses that can be worn continuously, you should not sleep in contacts. If eyes are not being moisturized by tears or exposed to oxygen, they are at a higher risk of eye infections and even vision loss.
  9. Don’t Use Water on Contacts
    You should never use water to rinse, clean, or store contact lenses. Water won’t disinfect lenses and is full of bacteria and microorganisms that can cause eye infections.
  10. Give Your Eyes a BreakWear Eyeglasses
    Let your eyes breathe and give them a break from contact lenses at least once a week by wearing eyeglasses. Our sister site, offers a variety of quality, affordable eyeglasses with free shipping and returns.

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