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Contacts vs. Glasses

Choosing to wear contacts versus glasses is all based on personal preference—you have to take into account your daily routine and overall lifestyle. There are a wide variety of contact lenses on the market that many people use every day. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 45 million people wear contact lenses so it is definitely a popular choice. If you want to know whether you should wear glasses or contacts, take into consideration the following pros and cons of contact lenses.

Wearing Contacts

Pros and Cons of Wearing Contacts

Even though contact lenses are a great option for most people, keep in mind that there are also a few drawbacks.


  • Weatherproof: Unlike glasses, contact lenses won’t be affected by the elements. They won’t fog up from the warmth or cold and won’t smear from the rain or snow.
  • Ideal for Active Lifestyle: Glasses and high-impact sports or activities are definitely not a good match. Contact lenses won’t slide off your face whether you’re doing crossfit, running a marathon, or playing a casual pick-up game in the park.
  • Greater Peripheral Vision: Glasses frames don’t extend across your full field of vision. Contacts are able to provide that full range of vision.
  • Preferred Appearance: Though glasses wearers have come a long way from the past stigma of being called “four eyes,” there are still a lot of people who prefer the way they look with contacts versus glasses.
  • More Comfortable: Wearing glasses can be uncomfortable if you’re laying down to watch tv or reading in bed.


  • More Lens Care: There is a longer process to clean and take care of contacts than there is for glasses.
  • Higher Chance of Infection: Without proper use or care, your eyes are more prone to certain infections with contacts.
  • Can Worsen Allergies: Allergens can build up on your contacts and cause dry, red, itchy, or watery eyes.
  • More Expensive: Contacts are more expensive than glasses and need to be replaced more often.

This decision is ultimately going to be made between you and your eyecare provider. Together, you will decide which brand and type of lenses will be the right fit. If you decide contacts are not for you, our sister site offers a wide variety of eyeglasses that will fit your style.