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Lens Care

Contact lenses requires proper care and maintenance to avoid unwanted eye infections. Learn how to care for your lenses with guided steps and easy-to-understand descriptions of all the necessary products.

Contact Lens Replacement Schedule

Contacts have 3 main wearing patterns—daily, weekly, and monthly. Learn about each of these contact lenses and how they compare to each other.

Types of Contact Lens Solutions

Learn the differences between all the various types of solutions and cleaners and how to use them properly.

Do’s and Don’ts for Contacts

Discover all of the things you should and shouldn’t do while wearing contact lenses.

Caring for Your Contacts

Follow these easy tips to care for your contacts and steps to clean your contact lenses for healthy and happy eyes.

How Temperature Affects Contacts

Discover if you should wear contact lenses or glasses depending on the weather conditions and get answers to common temperature-related questions.

Why Contacts & Water Don’t Mix

Discover why water shouldn’t be used on contact lenses.

How to Tell if Your Contacts are Inside Out

Learn how to tell if your contact lens is inside out.